Gilmac is the premier exporter of quality Australian fodder to dairy and beef industries across East Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Major products include hay, cereal straw and pellets to meet the defined ration needs of specific ruminant markets, particularly domestic feed lotting and in-transit feed for cattle and sheep.

Gilmac maintains a core focus on quality and innovation. We have developed industry-leading measures for testing fodder quality. Together with visual appraisal, this ensures reliable and consistent product grading. Hay-pressing and handling equipment designed in-house has positioned Gilmac at the forefront of operational efficiency and ensures adaptability to changing market requirements.

Headquartered in Perth, and with six production sites across Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria, Gilmac provides convenient shipping options. Our nationwide hay catchment ensures we maintain reliable product supply even in years with challenging growing conditions.

A family-owned business, Gilmac proudly supports local Australian farmers. All our products are 100% Australian-grown and processed. We value relationships with growers and customers alike, providing a quality customer experience from the field to the feedlot.

Hay & Straw

Oaten, wheaten and barley hay and cereal straw.


Livestock pellets.