Gilmac supplies 100% Australian-grown hay, straw and pellet products to export and domestic markets.

Hay & Straw


Hay & Straw

Quality System

Gilmac supplies a variety of quality-controlled, scientifically graded hay and straw products to local and overseas markets. Major products include oaten, wheaten and barley hay and cereal straw.

Laboratory analysis is undertaken on all Gilmac hay and straw products. Testing includes a comprehensive Annual Rye Grass Toxicity (ARGT) check, nutritional analysis and our growers are required to comply with company protocols around chemical applications.


Gilmac offers a range of packaging options to meet customer requirements, including strapped and plastic-wrapped bales.

Our bespoke bale dimensions ensure customers can purchase products in sizes and quantities that best suit their operational requirements.

Half Cut Bale

Regular Bale

Mega Bale

Strap Pack

Wrap Pack

Cereal Straw


Ration Analysis

Our pellet fodder products are made to the highest standards and are designed for ruminant feed lotting and stock maintenance. Main ingredients are cereal hay or straw with cereal grains and lupins.

The high fibre content of the maintenance pellet provides for improved rumen development to help prevent against acidosis. The feedlot pellet assists with weight gain to finish stock to optimum levels.