Gilmac’s excellent reputation in the international fodder market has driven growth to meet volume needs of our loyal customers. We succeed in providing a year round supply of quality product through the following strategies;

Varied locations

By establishing plants in three states, Mackie Hay maximises the chance that good quality hay can be produced. If adverse weather conditions affect one site, the other sites will be able to maintain steady supply.


Mackie Hay is sourced from farmers with long term relationships with our company. Farmers who wish to grow hay for Mackie Hay sign contracts prior to seeding, so that minimum volumes are secured well in advance of harvesting. This also means that Gilmac is able to monitor the progress of the crop.


Oaten hay is cut once a year and is stored for regular shipment throughout the year. Mackie Hay has the largest on site area of undercover storage of all Australian exporters. Gilmac has also supported farmers in the construction of on farm storage to further maximise hay storage capacity and protection from the elements.

Quality Control

Gilmac’s system of strict grading and product monitoring at all stages of seeding, growing, harvest and processing ensures that supply is not only constant, it is also consistent. Each grade provides stable quality and several price levels are available to meet different requirements. For more information see the quality system section.